NCM territory map

Home/Main Office
4114 Hoffman Road
White Bear Lake, MN 55119

Phone: (651) 433-4600

Illinois Sales Office
11518 N. Nettle Creek Drive
Dunlap, IL 61525

Phone: (309) 243-8938

  • Michael SchuettMichael Schuett President/Principal Michael founded the company in 1987.Phone: (651) 433-4600 ext. 3461
    Email: mikes(at)northcountrymktg(dot)com
  • Rick HeppnerRick Heppner Vice President; Sales Office Manager for Dunlap, IL Rick has been with NCM since 1987.Phone: (309) 243-8938
    Email: rickh(at)northcountrymktg(dot)com
  • Jeff KohlJeff Kohl Vice President/Key Accounts Jeff has been with NCM since 2008.Phone: (651) 433-4600 ext. 3465
    Email: jeffk(at)northcountrymktg(dot)com
  • Eric MathesonEric Matheson Sales Representative for Western WI and Central MN Eric has been with NCM since 1988.Phone: (651) 433-4600 ext. 0420
    Email: ericm(at)northcountrymktg(dot)com
  • Gary BaerGary Baer Sales Representative for ND, SD, and Southwestern MN Gary has been with NCM since 1993.Phone: (651) 433-4600 ext. 3469
    Email: garyb(at)northcountrymktg(dot)com
  • Chris GilmanChris Gilman Sales Representative for Central MN and Northern WI Chris has been with NCM since 1997.Phone: (651) 433-4600 ext. 3468
    Email: chrisg(at)northcountrymktg(dot)com
  • Dusty MinkeDusty Minke Sales Representative for Northern and Southeastern MN, and IA Dusty has been with NCM since 2004.Phone: (651) 433-4600 ext. 3463
    Email: dustym(at)northcountrymktg(dot)com
  • Nick BrantnerNick Brantner Sales Representative for Central WI Nick has been with NCM since 2013.Phone: (651) 433-4600 ext. 2173
    Email: nickb(at)northcountrymktg(dot)com
  • Tom SmithTom Smith National/Key Accounts Specialist Tom has been with NCM since May 2014Phone: (651) 433-4600 ext. 3464
    Email: toms(at)northcountrymktg(dot)com
  • Dean CarlsonDean Carlson Sales Representative for Southeastern WI and Northern IL Dean is our newest Sales Rep. Dean joined NCM in Sept. 2014.Phone: (651) 433-4600 ext. 3467
    Email: deanc(at)northcountrymktg(dot)com
  • Gregg StearGregg Stear Sales Support for Eastern WI and Northern IL Gregg has been with NCM since 1997.Phone: (262) 821-2878
    Email: gstear(at)outlook(dot)com
  • Jim KohlJim Kohl Sales Support for South Central WI Jim has been with NCM since 1992.Phone: (608) 798-1338
    Email: jkohlncml(at)charter(dot)net